Civil Discourse

Politics is toxic. Too often, individuals on both sides of the political aisle resort to personal attacks instead of having an open, honest conversation about the issues.

As our State Representative, Lenny has always tried to bring people together to establish common ground and tackle the issues that face our community. In fact, Lenny joined an organization called Braver Angels to help bring people on different sides of political issues to the table to discuss real reforms.

In the wake of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, Lenny brought together members of Moms Demand Action, a pro-gun control organization, as well as local gun owners (himself included) to establish a Gun Violence Working group. This group expanded into a student group, where Rep. Mirra brought students from the district’s four high schools to discuss ways to end gun violence. Since then, Rep. Mirra has supported new gun laws that work to limit the lawless shootings that occur all too often.

After the brutal murder of George Floyd in 2020, Lenny understood that the time for words was over. He committed himself to working on behalf of our community to find solutions to police brutality, police training and education, and systemic racism. That is why he brought together religious leaders, members of the NAACP, police leaders, and concerned citizens to put words into action. Representative Mirra intends to support police reform efforts on Beacon Hill.

Despite a broken national politics, Representative Mirra brings this collaborative approach to his work every day. As a legislator, he will always bring a positive attitude and a willingness to listen. Representative Mirra is committed to being a bridge-builder.