Climate Change Hazards Grant

Uncategorized / Friday, June 1st, 2018

Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program 2018 Action Grants

The MVP program provides funding to cities and towns to complete a community-driven process to identify climate change related natural hazards and develop strategies to improve resilience while helping state government gain a better understanding of the challenges communities face across the Commonwealth.

Among the grant recipients were:

Essex – Feasibility Study for an Essex Bay Living Shoreline

Essex, Newbury – Documenting Effects of a Large-Scale, Natural Sediment Event on Salt Marsh Resiliency in the Great Marsh Estuary: [Assessing Applicability for Potential Salt Marsh Management Strategies in Massachusetts]

Newbury – for assessing storm energy reduction by the vegetated salt marsh platform in Newbury, MA: a background to enhancing natural protection by the living shoreline


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