The number one investment that our communities can make is in education. Lenny’s district has several regional schools — Triton, Hamilton-Wenham, and Masconomet — and these schools often receive the short end of the stick when it comes to school funding, particularly with special education dollars and regional transportation dollars. Lenny believes that the small towns of the Commonwealth should not have to choose between tax overrides and school layoffs. Lenny believes that is time for the Commonwealth to make sure that the communities of the North Shore get fair treatment at a time when tax bills, and state revenue, are at all time highs. We are blessed to have quality students and educators in every community of the Second Essex District, and Lenny will always be their number one advocate. Since taking office, Lenny has accomplished the following:

  • Worked to ensure full funding of special education circuit breaker law
  • Worked with a bipartisan group to secure regional school transportation funding
  • Fought for $12.5 Million for special education funding in local school districts
  • Secured an increase in Chapter 70 funding for our local schools
  • Lead the charge to fund the recommendations of the Foundation Review Commission
  • Established a gun violence working group with local students to discuss common-sense gun reforms that can be taken in order to limit gun violence, particularly in our schools