Health Connector Open Enrollment

The Massachusetts Health Connector’s Open Enrollment began on November 1, 2018 and ends on January 23, 2019. For coverage effective starting January 1, 2019, members must select a plan and pay by December 23, 2018. Plan selection and payment after December 23, 2018 will be effective beginning February 1, 2019.

  • Update your information. Eligibility determinations due to federal data matching requirements could impact subsidies if members do not update their account information.
    • Based on the preliminary eligibility process, expect some member movement into unsubsidized coverage. The majority of movement can be attributed to information not being available from data sources to confirm member income.
    • This will result in members who were previously in subsidized coverage being moved into unsubsidized plans, if they do not act to update their income information.
    • Members should return to their online application or call the Health Connector (877-623-6765) to report changes in order to ensure accurate eligibility determinations.
  • Shop for the best plan. Though premiums will remain relatively stable for coverage year 2019, members will have a broader range of plan designs and carriers to select from when shopping for a plan that meets their needs.
    • The Health Connector is expanding existing tiers of coverage to offer “low gold” and “high bronze” plans which will provide a wider selection of value options for individuals and families.
    • UnitedHealthcare will offer plans in the Boston metro area for coverage effective January 1, 2019, joining eight other carriers for the 2019 plan year.
    • Members are encouraged to compare and shop for plans that may be more affordable to them. Members will receive a new notice this year clearly informing them of their next year’spremium amount – calling them to take action sooner!
  • Helpful Links:
  • Customer Service Center:
    • The Health Connector Customer Service Center will have extended business hours during Open Enrollment to ensure current and new members have extra time to get their questions answered. Help is available in multiple languages: 1-877-MA-ENROLL or 1-877-623-6765.