Roads and Bridges

Having worked in the construction industry for over 30 years, Lenny knows the importance of having strong roads, bridges, and facilities. Lenny is committed to re-investing in our district’s infrastructure in ways that are fiscally responsible and environmentally sustainable. During the pandemic, Lenny listened to the needs of his communities, working with them to secure key project funding from federal dollars flowing into the state. While in office, Lenny has accomplished the following:

  • Increased Chapter 90 funding for our roads
  • Advocated for millions of dollars through the bipartisan infrastructure law, strengthening roads and bridges here in the North Shore
  • Worked on the Planning for Water Infrastructure Upgrade grant
  • Secured MVP grant
  • Fought for $50,000 for feasibility study of dredging on the North Shore
  • Created $20 Million in savings for our district’s property taxpayers