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Uncategorized / Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

The 191st Legislative Session of the Massachusetts State Legislature has officially begun! Friday, January 18th was the last day to file legislation, and Representative Mirra has introduced several new bills. Read below to learn more about them.

Sponsored bills:

HD949 – An Act to permit the wholesale importation of prescription drugs into the commonwealth

Requires the Executive Office of Health and Human Services to design program allowing for wholesale import of prescription drugs from Canada to the Commonwealth in order to lower costs of health care for consumers.

HD946 An Act relative to transparent health care data

Improves data sharing for payer and provider claims to allow patients to compare true costs of health care services.

HD3737 – An Act establishing a PSAP nurse triage pilot program

Establishes pilot program for nurse triage program to assess value in diverting non-emergency 911 calls to medical care that does not require an ambulance or hospital with emergency department.

HD3733 – An Act permitting ambulances to transport patients to urgent care centers

Allows ambulances to transport patients directly to a clinic (such as an urgent care center) in non-emergent situations.

HD1739 An Act relative to mental health needs and suicide prevention

Establishes the Massachusetts Commission on Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Crisis Management to study public health, outreach programs, facility and training needs, current suicide prevention and mental health crisis management measures within the Commonwealth. Requires DMH to establish suicide prevention hotline and create/distribute public relations materials.

HD1261 – An Act relative to updating the plumbing code in order to accommodate agricultural uses

Amends the Uniform State Plumbing Code to create a separate category of agricultural buildings not subject to residential and commercial business building regulations, and establishes an advisory committee that will make recommendations to the board for amendments to the Uniform State Plumbing Code.

HD995 – An Act relative to corporate disclosure

Allows shareholders the right to inspect and copy records of the corporation including minutes from meetings of the board of directors, records of actions taken by the board of directions, minutes of meetings with shareholders, company bylaws, names of current company directors and officers, etc.

HD941 – An Act providing for increased transparency in the prevailing wage

Establishes Prevailing Wage Commission to determine effectiveness of establishing fair wage rates in the Commonwealth.

HD945 – An Act relative to the reporting of certain violations

Encourages employees to report corporate violations by awarding 10% of any settlement against such claim, and protects employees from punishment by employer as a result of reporting such violations.

HD944 – An Act relative to setting the prevailing wage rate

Instructs Public Works Commissioner to set wages paid to mechanics, teamsters, chauffeurs, and laborers on public works projects with consideration for current wage rates established in similar occupations and/or by private employers.

HD943 – An Act relative to retirement eligibility

Raises age of retirement eligibility for popularly elected state official to age 67, with a minimum of 10 years of creditable service.

HD947 – An Act relative to the use of road flaggers and police details on public works projects

Conducts study of public works projects to examine costs of traffic direction and public safety incidents on an annual basis.

HD942 – An Act relative to excess profits resulting from 40B developments

Prohibits any agency/organization convicted of fraudulently withholding excess profits from 40B development from constructing additional 40B developments within 5 years of conviction.

Cosponsored bills:

HD3860 – An Act relative to combined sewer overflow

SD.722 – An Act relative to parentage to promote children’s security

HD.844 – An Act relative to illegal drug and firearm trafficking



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