This committee is responsible for the exploration, exploitation and development of energy sources, such as coal, gas, oil, nuclear fusion, solar rays, tidal movement, etc., including the siting of energy facilities, public utilities, wind farms, bottle bill, and any other related matters.

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Some of the bills before the TUE committee are listed below. Click the links to learn more.

H1733 an act relative to transparency in private utility construction contracts
H1750 an act to allow equal access solar net metering projects
H1758 an act relative to double poles
H1769 an act prohibiting electric customer support for gas pipeline expansion
H1778 an act relative to underground infrastructure
H1780 an act to ensure safe maintenance of utility poles and wires
H2683 an act relative to protecting consumers of gas and electricity from paying for leaked and unaccounted for gas
H2698 protecting ratepayers from gas pipeline expansion costs
H2701 an act relative to municipal authority in public rights of way
H3386 an act relative to the transparency of municipal energy data
H3401 an act relating to replacement plans