UPDATE on Health Insurance Changes for State Employees

District Issues, Uncategorized / Thursday, January 25th, 2018

The Group Insurance Commission announced plans to reconsider its decision earlier this week to limit health care plans of 450,000 state employees and retirees. After intense criticism from lawmakers and residents alike, the GIC will meet next Thursday and vote to either maintain current health plans or proceed with narrowing health plans for 200,000 employees and retirees. GIC Chief of Staff Ashley Lee spoke of the decision this morning, saying “As a result of candid feedback from members and stakeholders, the agenda of the next GIC Commission meeting on Thursday, February 1 will include a motion for reconsideration of the recent vote to narrow carriers. While the goal of the GIC action to narrow options was to provide members with continuous coverage in a comparable plan while retaining their networks and doctors, and simultaneously controlling out-of-pocket and premium costs, the GIC recognizes that there is opportunity to better engage stakeholders more directly and robustly in the strategic process moving forward.”



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